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Rep. Nancy Mace Accused Rep. Matt Gaetz Of Being ‘High’ Amongst House Leadership Debate

In the 118th congress, things took an interesting turn last week as Representative Nancy Mace accused Representative Matt Gaetz of being high on drugs. This comes during a turbulent week as the house is yet to conclude as to who will be the majority representative leader.

Nancy Mace is a republican out of South Carolina and has always been a staunch advocate for marijuana reform. Over the last few days, she has gone after one of her own party members Matt Gaetz for opposing Rep. Kevin McCarthy who received the GOP nomination for speaker.

Thursday, before the fourth vote for speaker, Mace delivered this quote, “I know people think I’m the weed lady… but serious question @repmattgaetz, what are you on?”

Mace has sponsored many different pieces of bi-partisan marijuana reform and has said she will continue to do so until marijuana legislative overhaul happens within the house. Mace also introduced multiple bills to provide federal tax relief to the cannabis industry while Gaetz filed a cannabis research bill. Both representatives are supposedly backing cannabis reform.

With a lack of leadership in the house and the GOP in disarray, many are wondering if the Grand Old Party is still in working order. This thought process is only furthered by the comments made from Mace this week. Should republicans come together to eventually fill the house leadership position, we are still left to wonder whether they will finally push forward sweeping marijuana reform in the states.

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