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Cloud of Pot Smoke Billows Over City in Columbia

Earlier this year we saw footage come out of India showing huge piles (about 2 tons) of marijuana get burned up, and our first thought was, “hopefully someone’s getting some use out of that gigantic amount of smoke being created”.

Law enforcement kept an eye on the weather to make sure no one could partake, but apparently that didn’t happen when a very similar situation occurred two weeks ago in a suburb in Colombia.

The cops had garnered one and half tons of weed, and decided to put it up in flames without checking the local weather report, resulting in a gigantic cloud of the stuff drifting straight into a residential area.

According to TMZ, some residents had to evacuate their homes because of how thick the smoke was, and many more had to be reassured that there wasn’t some huge fire coming their way.

Hoping there are at least a few stories out there of some people benefitting from the experience with a pleasant, second-hand high.

Read the original at TMZ.

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