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NYPD Will Continue to Test Officers for Marijuana Despite Recent News

In multiple different releases on the internet, some were saying that NYPD officers are now allowed to smoke marijuana. In a recent update, this decision was reversed by the city, once again forcing NYPD officers to be drug tested. This comes after a recent press release where the Ney York City Law Department said that officers no longer must pass drug tests regularly.

According to multiple sources including the NYC law department, officers will continue to be tested regularly and that the initial statement has been reversed. Although officers still have to be tested, there are some exceptions to this rule such as a positive THC test from being intoxicated accidentally on the job as well as other small scenarios.

The NYPD also issued multiple statements saying that they are “reviewing its current policies in light of this directive”. What this means for the future of the NYPD is unknown, but some are guessing that officers in the future will be allowed to consume marijuana off the job.

The NYPD also put out a statement on the matter saying, “The NYPD has received a legal memorandum from the City’s Law Department regarding the implementation of the Marijuana and Taxation Act (MARTA) in New York State law… We are in consultation with the Law Department over conflicts with the new state law and pre-existing federal law. A spokesperson also stated, “While these discussions continue, there is no change in NYPD policies, procedures, or testing protocols regarding the use of Marijuana by uniformed members of the service,”

As for now, NYPD officers will continue being tested for the foreseeable future. With marijuana legalization becoming more and more popular around the US, many are curious if jobs will continue to test for the substance. More information to come as this topic evolves.

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