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Company getting sued because their joint isn’t as potent as they say

Jeeter pre-rolled joints are known for being pretty strong. However, an investigation by WeedWeek found that they weren’t quite as strong as the companies DreamFields and Med for America claim. And with that, they’re getting sued.

Filed in Los Angeles, the lawsuit claims that the pre-rolls “Baby Jeeter Fire OG” are labeled at 46% THC, but in actuality are closer to 23%-27%, and the “Baby Jeeter Churros” are labeled at 37% THC but are closer to 26%-29%.

“Defendants are systematically overstating the THC content to deceive consumers into thinking that the effects of their pre-rolls are more potent than they truly are… This is false and misleading. And, it violates DCC regulations, and California law.” reads the complaint filed by the plaintiffs.

Jeeter refutes the claims, and says they “take pride in [their] compliance and commitment to state mandated testing procedures.”

We had a story a couple months back on how labs are advertising their services by saying their testing results in higher reads of potency, which seems deeply problematic on its face. This lawsuit could very well be a result of those lab inflations, and if so, this certainly isn’t the last lawsuit we’ll be hearing about.

Read the original story at MJBizDaily.

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