Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Equity is a part of the Psychedelic Therapy Revolution happening in Oregon

We’re all patiently waiting for the therapeutic side of Oregon’s sweeping psychedelic movement to pop up, and any news along the way is very welcome.

Last week, a 15 member Equity task force was approved to be created alongside the creation of legal psychedelic therapy in Oregon. This would mean that this group would ensure access to the therapy for low-income and minority communities, along with training psilocybin “facilitators” from the community.

Psychedelic therapy isn’t expected to be available in the state until 2024, so until then, all of the i’s are being dotted. This equity bill is a welcome addition to the process, as it would make it more difficult for high-end and big business companies to take reign over smaller, more ethically-minded ventures.

“Oregon needs to push for equity focused provisions that will support some of the most vulnerable communities including low-income and BIPOC individuals,” says Representative Wlnsvey Campos.

“We cannot continue the cycle of shutting out the future of medicine to certain communities and we have a rare opportunity here to prevent these inequities from being built into this system in the first place.”

Read the original article at Marijuana Moment.

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