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Hemp Reaches the Alternative Milk Industry

Those who are into milk alternatives are REALLY into milk alternatives. I mean this in a supportive way (having dabbled in the space myself) in that there are quite a few subgenres, and each person has their preference.

One thing I have not tried that continues to gain notoriety is hemp milk. Although the taste is apparently strange, the consistency is creamy, and it doesn’t curdle, so it is often used for coffees or teas.

Gaia’s Farming Co. is looking to make waves with their own hemp concoction. Backed by a top investor in Beyond Meat and Neat Burger, Gaia is announcing a blend of Hemp and Oat Milk, along with Hemp and Oat Chocolate milk.

From Gaia’s Farming Co. founder Michael Kyriakou:

“I’ve watched over the years as companies have brought out all sorts of plant-based milk options, but none of them jumped out at me as a sustainable solution to dairy milk for the foreseeable future. Yes, plants are great, but I asked myself why they were not using the most sustainable one. Once I started learning about the multifaceted abilities of hemp, that was it. I knew that hemp was the solution to our milk problem and will go on to become a fundamental component of our strategy in the fight against climate change.”

Hemp is used by most people who don’t want milk derived from nuts or soy, so this alternative would be only for those straying from soy and looking for a creamier version of oat.

I’ll have to get my hands on this!

Read the original story at Vegconomist.

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