Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Federal Legalization Bill unveiled by House Republicans

The war of “Legalization Details” is about the begin–a new phase spawned after everyone is pretty much in agreement that the plant should be legal.

In the House, Republicans have announced their own legalization bill called the States Reform Act (not the flashiest title, imo). The bill is sponsored by Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina and has five more republican cosponsors.

The draft of this bill was obtained by Marijuana Moment, and the details are rather interesting, as they seem to be a middle-ground between the Democrats’ sweeping vision and other Republican measures that have typically been rather bare-bones.

This bill would expunge non-violent cannabis records, and create an excise tax that would go towards community reinvestment and law enforcement. This is much farther than any other republican draft has gone, and something that seems to have more realistic opportunities for passage.

A press conference today will be held for a formal announcement of the bill. We’ll continue to report on the response of this bill in the coming weeks.

Read the original story at Marijuana Moment.

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