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Grassroots Campaign in Ireland Putting a Friendly Face on Cannabis

4/20 is just around the corner, and a Reddit community from Ireland is sick of inaction. Thus, they’re taking progress into their own hands and creating a campaign to help change perception of weed in their country.

Crainn is a subreddit that typically shares pictures of each other smoking in public or simply appreciating a nicely rolled blunt. However due to lack of change in Ireland’s antiquated views on marijuana, the group has become more active. With the 4/20 holiday just around the corner, they have decided to create informational flyers that they’ll hand out on the streets that would help “put a friendly face to the name of cannabis, and open some in-depth discussions on the streets”.

Their goal is to create legislation that better mirrors the US or Germany. “Usually when you give someone the facts and some of the statistics and how it works in different countries… It’s actually quite effective.”

4/20 has gained more and more relevance as the years pass by, and this year will especially be impactful, with governments riddled with legislation at different stages across the board, and New Jersey recently announcing that it’s going to start sales the day after the holiday. Action in Ireland is a welcome addition to the activism happening around the world.

Read the original story at Buzz.

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