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Massive Hemp Farm Busted in Spain

The largest cannabis farm in Europe just got raided. According to Sky News, officers destroyed and collected over 415,000 hemp plants that were set to be shipped and turned into CBD oil. The plants on the farm were estimated to be worth at minimum 100 million Euros.

This massive farm was busted just a few weeks ago in the country of Spain. Although within the country of Spain, buying, selling, and consuming CBD is completely legal, cultivation is not. Spain completely bans the cultivation of cannabis plants for any purpose besides industrial. These industrial uses include textiles and seeds.

The farm was roughly 166 acres in size, according to the Spanish law enforcement agency. Three people have been arrested since the bust with the owner of the farm claiming that it is completely legal. The hemp plants were initially set to be sent over to Italy and Switzerland to be processed into CBD for vapes and other uses.

With over half of Europe in support of marijuana legalization, many think that the current laws need to change. With the increased support for legal cannabis, those who are imprisoned for cannabis related crimes see it as unfair. This is especially the case due to the very real possibility that marijuana becomes legalized in many countries worldwide over the next few decades.

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