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Michigan To Drop Cannabis Drug Testing From Many Jobs Starting in October

The state of Michigan has voted to remove marijuana from the pre-employment drug screening tests for many jobs. Beginning October 1st, many jobs are now required to drop cannabis from their drug screening tests. The Michigan Civil Service Commission voted to remove the drug from pre-employment drug screenings a few months ago and will kick in around the start of the spooky season.

Although many jobs are now required to drop cannabis from screenings there are some exceptions. These exceptions include jobs requiring commercial driver’s licenses or those who operate heavy machinery, law enforcement, healthcare workers, jobs that work with prisoners, employees with unsupervised access to controlled substances, and jobs handling explosive materials.

Currently, employees who test positive for cannabis are banned from state positions for up to 3 years. This number will remain the same after the changes, but less positive tests will be coming through. Along with less positive tests, those who tested positive and are on the three year wait list will now be eligible for jobs with the state.

Drug screenings will still include substances such as cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, phencyclidine, and other illegal drugs.

This topic is great news for cannabis lovers. Many problems have arisen in the last few years since legalization became common place. The trucking industry has had heavy hits as well as the public sector. With states legalizing weed and people consuming it in their free time, they are then punished by testing positive. This step by Michigan is one of the first big steps to normalize using cannabis in everyday life.

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