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Here’s how much Europeans smoke weed

It’s easy to get stuck in the American view of marijuana and forget that, country by country, the plant is seen in very different ways. On one extreme, there’s Russia, which treats the consumption of marijuana as a major offense.

Europe is not Russia, and each country in Europe is different. Mostly, there are large similarities between the US and European countries.

Here are some charts that show usage in Europe as a whole, via Kannabia.

Five Charts to Understand Cannabis Consumption in Europe

And one that breaks usage down to the countries who use the most.

Five Charts to Understand Cannabis Consumption in Europe

Judging from the graph, it looks like Czechia surprisingly smokes the most weed in Europe, followed by Italy and Croatia.

Like the US, weed is only legal in some cities (compared to states here) across the continent, although Germany is soon to become the first country to legalize the plant.

It’s very interesting to see where the majority of smokers are by country, and a little surprising that Germany isn’t one of the main contributors. In total, it seems that per capita, the US has more potheads than Europe.

Read more about this at Kannabia.

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