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Montana imposing strict bans on Marijuana advertising

The contradictory tones regarding the selling of marijuana and alcohol persist – this time in Montana.

Now that marijuana is legal for adult-use in the state, the Montana Department of Revenue has put out some draft rules on advertising, and they’re rather limited. Or, extremely so.

That being said, they’re taking public comments for the next several weeks, so there is hopefully room for some leniency. Hopefully.

Most notably, businesses would not be allowed to advertise at all on TV, radio, newspapers, or social media. The first three have been the norm for a while, but no social media advertising whatsoever feels extra painful. Getting the word out on a new dispensary or brand feels like an extremely steep hill to climb.

Businesses would also not be able to offer promotional items or sponsor charitable events or sports. There are to be no billboards, banners, or flags, and outdoors signs must be attached to buildings.

“We’re already limited on things we can say, images that we can use, the way websites are accessed, signage on your buildings, and all this stuff,” J.J. Thomas, an owner of a dispensary in Montana, tells Missoula Current. “We’re already following a very strict guideline for all of those things that already makes it really hard on businesses to succeed in general. It sounds like they’re basically taking it down another level to make it even harder than it already is – to the point where we don’t really know, is there anything you can do?”

The Department of Revenue is accepting comments until August 23, so if you live in the state, now’s your chance.

Read the original story at Missoula Current.

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