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Indigenous tribes in NY are way ahead when it comes to Marijuana

We expected New York to really take its time before a marijuana marketplace opens in the state, with the earliest estimates for it to come early next year.

This is understandable, considering they have to start up an entirely new industry from relative scratch, red tape and paperwork and all. But this process becomes much easier when dealing with a smaller group, and that’s the case that some Indigenous Tribes find themselves in within the state of New York.

For instance, the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe on the northern tip of New York, is well on its way towards selling legal marijuana on their reservation. They’ve created a regulatory structure and will begin to give out licenses to tribal businesses soon. Sales are expected by the end of this year.

There are others in similar situations, like Shinnecock Indian Nation in Long Island.

An interesting incentive to buy from these Tribes is that they’re able to set their own tax rates for their product, which would sensibly be cheaper than the state regulated rate. New York’s government is then allowed to make “compacts” with the tribes, enabling them to sell their marijuana off of tribal land. It’s a win-win for the Indigenous cultures who decide to grow their own weed.

Read the original story at City & State NY.


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