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15% of Workforce stuck at home consumes Marijuana

I can vouch for this.

A poll performed by asked recipients if they had smoked marijuana during the work day while at home due to the pandemic.

Taking all ages into factor, 15% responded in the affirmative. That’s a pretty stunning amount, when considering the large amount and variety of people who were working from home during the last year and a half.

Even more interesting, this percentage jumps to 41% when asking employees under the age of 30.

These polls are always slightly unreliable, especially when asking about behavior the recipients would rather not admit. But if anything, that means that the actual number could be even higher than this.

Here are some other breakdowns:

  • 36.6% of those smoking during the workday were men, compared to 37.9% who identified as female.
  • 44.9% labelled themselves as white-collar, 21.6% blue collar.
  • More than 1 in 3 of workers between the ages of 30 and 49 smoked on the job.
  • For 53% of those who answered the poll, this was their first time smoking on the job.

Interestingly, many marijuana policies changed by the time some of these workers got back into the office. 38% of the employees say policies were relaxed by  their employers after their stay at home.

It’s no secret that quarantine and marijuana made a happy couple. On a personal scale, it seems like it has changed the way many people perceive the plant, and we may come to see this period as being one of particular growth in marijuana’s relationship to the world.

Read the poll here.

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