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Some Statistics Showing that Pot Smoking is growing in popularity

Happy 420! Chances are if you’re reading this site that you’re also celebrating the holiday in whatever way you please. So, we thought we share a new survey that proves there are (probably) lots more people this year than ever before celebrating 420.

A new survey conducted by YouGov ended earlier this month, and has shown an increase in marijuana consumption in just about every category. Here are some of the interesting findings:

  • Roughly 1 in 5 (19%) Americans are Heavy Users or consume cannabis 3 or more times/week.
  • Roughly 1 in 8 Americans are consuming daily or multiple times a day (12%)
    • Of those who consume cannabis daily, 52% started doing so in the last 4 years, 33% within the last year.

Heavy User Profile:

  • 57% Male, 43% Female
  • 46% are age 18-34 years, 30% 35-54 years, 24% 55+
  • 55% are parents

Heavy User Behaviors:

  • Among daily users 55+ years of age, 23% started using daily in the last 12 months.
  •  Among daily users who are parents with children younger than 18, 40% started using daily the last year.
  • 38% of Heavy users continue to source their cannabis illicitly (i.e., unregulated dispensary, unregulated mail order, unregulated dealer), but 51% also obtain cannabis from a legal dispensary (in-person or online).
  • 41% of Heavy users typically obtain their cannabis in a legal dispensary, in-person vs. 21% who purchase from a dispensary online.
    • But many (26%) also get it from a friend or family member who grows their own.
  • Nearly half of Heavy Users (48%) do not describe themselves as a “stoner.”
    • These individuals believe cannabis provides a functional benefit more than a cultural connection. Even though they are Heavy Users, they don’t consider “stoners” as people who use it for medical purposes or for relaxation and sleep.

Read all the stats from YouGov at this Google Doc.


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