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Earth’s Carbon Dioxide Concentration Hits Record 420PPM on 4/20

The Earth’s carbon dioxide concentration has just hit 420 PPM on 4/20. This unprecedented carbon dioxide concentration is the highest average reading in over 3 million years. Many activists, scientists, and journalists have stated their concern for the Earth’s climate and have decided that this year on 4/20 they will use their voices to bring together cannabis users across the globe.

In an article by Ganjapreneur, an event called ‘420PPM on 4/20’ brought together climate activists, journalists, and cannabis farmers to discuss the possibilities cannabis has on mitigating the effects of global warming. Peter Deneed from PRNewswire said this about the event, “The 420 numeral holds a high place in cannabis culture. Breaching the 420 ppm milestone creates this one-time convergence of climate and cannabis where we can activate a space for people to channel the positive energy of the cannabis community into climate action, particularly with regard to the increasingly overwhelming choices facing cannabis consumers,” explained organizer, climate scientist, and journalist, Peter Deneen. Many activists are using their platform to bring together cannabis producers and consumers, urging them to make the right choice and change their ways. Changing cannabis production methods from indoor grow ops to outdoor farms reduces cannabis carbon footprints to near zero. They also urge cannabis consumers to purchase responsibly, choosing cannabis that comes from carbon friendly sources instead of indoor grow ops.

The co-event organizer Alexis Kafkis had this to say about bringing cannabis consumers and climate activists together, “When you see how detrimental industrial-scale cannabis cultivation is for the environment, you can’t unsee it. It’s time to move past the novelty of legal cannabis and become more mindful of the integrity of the cannabis products we put in our bodies—where was it grown and how was it cultivated? Our purchasing decisions impact the environment. It doesn’t make sense to eat organic food, but smoke industrially grown, chemically treated cannabis. We have an opportunity right now, while the cannabis industry is young and emergent, to instill values that will guide us toward regenerative practices. This plant can help us do right by the planet, and together with our ‘420PPM ON 4/20’ partners, we look forward to educating consumers as to how.”

The event also featured many prominent women leaders in and surrounding the cannabis and climate sector. These women leaders including Heather Dunbar, director of marketing and communications for Sun+Earth. Chelsea Sutula, the founder of Sespe Creek Collective. Lynne Lyman, former director of California State Drug Policy Alliance, and many others. The combined support from everyone at the convention raised awareness on the human-made climate catastrophe and what we can do to mitigate the effects.

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