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Texas GOP Opposes Recreational Marijuana and Encourages ‘Faith-Based Rehabilitation’

Amongst much of the ongoing political discourse within the United States, the Texas Republican Party has chosen to throw another cog into the mix. As of recently, the Texas GOP has released their platform for the upcoming few years. One of the things they are choosing to run with is an anti-marijuana stance. Although this may be contradictory to the stance shown by many republicans over the last few years, the Texas GOP is holding firm on their decade’s old stance against the drug.

Released within the last few weeks was their stance on many different political topics in the United States. The one we are focusing on today is their decision to oppose recreational marijuana within the state. Their platform in regard to marijuana is anti-recreational, pro drug testing for those on public assistance, and pro ‘faith-based rehabilitation’. This move to turn back the clock is just one of the actions taken by the Texas GOP in the last few years. According to the Dallas Morning News-University of Texas at Tyler poll, roughly 60% of voters supported legalization of marijuana for personal use while 83% support medical usage.

Their platform also includes other drug policies that could be seen as extremist including their ‘faith-based rehabilitation’ which is relatively vague and has been shown not to work nearly as well as institutionalized rehabilitation. There is a bright side though, Texas republicans are calling for marijuana to be reduced from a schedule-I drug and reduced to a schedule-II so that medical cannabis can be implemented.

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