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Psilocybin Legalization Bill Introduced in New Jersey Senate

After the news that Colorado will likely get enough signatures to get mushroom legalization on the ballot for November, New Jersey is following up on that with their own legislation. However, theirs goes further than anything else we’ve seen.

The Senate President, Nicholas Scutari, just introduced legislation that would legalize the ability for adults 21 years or older to “possess, store, use, ingest, inhale, process, transport, deliver without consideration, or distribute without consideration, four grams or less of psilocybin.”

The difference between this bill and other bills we’ve seen across the country is that this would legalize the process of home-growing your own mushrooms in the state of New Jersey.

“It will also not be unlawful for a person over 21 years of age to grow, cultivate, or process plants or fungi capable of producing psilocybin for personal use, or to possess the psilocybin produced if the plants and fungi are kept on the grounds of a private home or residence and are kept secure from access by persons under 21 years of age,” says the bill.

The bill would also create psilocybin treatment centers in the state where mushroom therapy would take place.

Penalties for possessing up to one ounce of psilocybin were reduced last year in a bill that passed through the Senate and signed by the Governor.

Anyone with convictions that would then be made legal through this bill would get the opportunity to petition the courts for a resentencing or expungement of their records.

It’s unclear at this point if this will have enough votes to make it through in its current form, so some of the more progressive details may be sacrificed, but it’s safe to say that its starting point is very promising, especially considering the Senate President himself was the one to introduce the bill.

More news of this bill to come soon, and read the original story at Marijuana Moment.


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