Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Truckers Still Can’t Smoke Marijuana

The confusion of crossing state lines – one with legal marijuana and one without – continues for the Department of Transportation.

Some of their employees reside in states that prohibit testing for marijuana. However, the DOT, which regulates industries such as truck drivers and train operators, operates at a federal level, where marijuana is still a controlled substance. Therefore, their orders overrule state law and they will continue testing for marijuana, which is banned for their employees.

Secondly, they sent out a warning about CBD products. They didn’t go so far as to ban their use, but did warn that because they’re unregulated, they may contain THC, which would show up on a drug test. Basically a use-at-your-own-risk shrug of the shoulders.

On the brighter side, the Department of Transportation is seemingly getting rid of its zero-tolerance towards failed drug tests. Return-to-Duty tests, or RTD tests, have increased over the years, more than doubling from the amount given in 2015.

Still holding rigorously to the prohibition of marijuana-use, but a little less rigorous over the years. Even in the least progressive of places, we’re beginning to see some change in mindsets.

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