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Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, and Netherlands Meet To Discuss Marijuana Reform

In a historic recent meeting, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, and the Netherlands met to discuss the future of cannabis legalization in their respective regions of Europe. This comes at a time of sweeping support for the drug with talks of reform in the nations listed.

These first initial meetings from these countries are expected to be the first wave of countries looking for marijuana reform across the continent. Advocates and others are very happy that the countries are finally taking the step towards legalization and cannabis reform. According to marijuanamoment, advocates are saying that “the meeting of the regional neighbors could prove critical, both as a means of coordinating future cannabis regulations and addressing any resistance from the United Nations (UN), which currently bars member states from legalizing marijuana.”

No monumental decisions were made at the meeting, but the countries issued statements saying that they understand fundamental reform needs to happen. “A structured multilateral exchange on the vast spectrum of cannabis related issues contributes to sharing knowledge, best practices and experiences and foster finding solutions…This first structured multilateral exchange is meant to facilitate further consultations regarding regulations of cannabis for non-medical and non-scientific uses.”

Out of the four countries that attended the meeting only Malta currently has legalized cannabis. This legalization happened last December and has done nothing but benefit the nation in the months since. Germany, although still illegal, has taken the first steps to legalize the drug. Germany’s legislation has issued a series of hearings meant to inform legislation on what ending marijuana prohibition would do.

Read the original article from MarijuanaMoment here.

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