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Users Ask ChatGPT’s Feelings On Marijuana, Here Are The Results

With the newly released ChatGPT, many users are asking the AI’s stance on marijuana reform. Surprisingly, the AI heavily favors cannabis reform in many aspects. With users all around the globe asking the important questions such as, “why should marijuana be legal?” and, “why is marijuana considered a bad drug?” etc.

Using multiple different prompts, here are the answers that ChatGPT responded with.

Prompt: What is ChatGPT’s take on the weed prohibition in the US?

Answer: There is no justification for weed prohibition in the United States. The country’s outdated, ineffective prohibition policy has done more damage to communities than cannabis ever has.

Despite the fact that marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the US, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I drug – a classification that means that the US government believes that the drug has no acceptable medical use and has a high potential for abuse. This misguided classification has kept scientists from further studying the potential medical benefits of cannabis and it has hindered the development of safe, effective treatments for chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, and other medical conditions.

For years, the US government has argued that cannabis is a Gateway Drug, paving the way for users to move on to more harmful substances. However, this assertion is not based in science. Surveys have not found that smoking cannabis leads to more use of other drugs, and research has shown that cannabis use is actually associated with decreased rates of drug abuse and addiction.

Taxation and regulation are the two most effective ways to Reduce the harms caused by prohibition. Taxation could help to alleviate the financial strain that prohibition has placed on states and municipalities. Regulating cannabis like other substances would help to ensure that it is safe and consistent, eliminating the black market and preventing kids from accessing it.

It is time for the US to end its decades-long cannabis prohibition and embrace a more rational, evidence-based policy.

Prompt: Give us ten reasons why weed should be legal.


  1. Many people believe that marijuana should be legal because it is a natural substance that has been used for thousands of years for medicinal and recreational purposes.
  2. Legalizing marijuana could potentially reduce drug-related crime and violence, as it would take the production and distribution of marijuana out of the hands of drug cartels and other criminal organizations.
  3. Legalization could also create new jobs and industries, as marijuana would be regulated and taxed like other legal substances.
  4. Legalizing marijuana could also generate revenue for state and local governments through taxation.
  5. Some research suggests that marijuana has medicinal benefits, including pain relief and the treatment of certain medical conditions such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.
  6. Legalizing marijuana could potentially reduce the burden on the criminal justice system, as individuals would no longer be arrested and incarcerated for possession of small amounts of marijuana.
  7. Many people argue that the prohibition of marijuana has been largely ineffective and that legalization would allow for a more sensible approach to drug policy.
  8. Some research suggests that marijuana may be less harmful than other legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco.
  9. Legalization could allow for better quality control and regulation of marijuana products, ensuring that they are safe for consumers.
  10. Legalization could also allow for more research to be done on the potential medical benefits of marijuana, as well as its potential risks.

Technology has come a very long way in the last few decades, and so has cannabis. With many around the United States calling for legalization, could AI be the push we need to make that happen?

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