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Biden Administration Meets With Fetterman To Discuss Marijuana Legalization

Recently, John Fetterman called upon President Joe Biden to federally legalize marijuana for all. After a recent meeting on Labor Day, the Biden Administration released a response for the proposal.  In this response, the Administration said they are working towards bringing marijuana down from a schedule 1 drug to a schedule 2 drug. Doing so would allow research to be done on the substance, increasing the knowledge the federal government has on the possible benefits of cannabis.

Although Fetterman requested that Biden use executive orders to decriminalize the drug, the prospective senator will have to settle with something a bit less. The specific details about the conversation are still under wraps, but the general details were released to the public. Along with decriminalizing the drug, Fetterman also wants all those who are locked up for non-violent marijuana crimes to be released. Doing so would drastically decrease the number of Americans in jail for marijuana related crimes.

The Biden administration also issued a statement that they wish to leave the possibility of legalization up to the states. This may come as a disappointment for many due to the campaign promise of legalizing marijuana federally.

Many also expect the president to continue to use his power of clemency, commuting the sentences of hundreds of Americans who often are in jail for marijuana related crimes.

More on this issue to come as the election in Pennsylvania grows closer.

Read the unedited article here.

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