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Delaware Has Become The Next State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Delaware has become the next state to legalize recreational marijuana. Many within the state are quite happy with the legislator’s decision to allow cannabis to flow through the state. Others, however, aren’t as happy, including the state’s governor John Carney.

Carney declined to veto two bills involving recreational use last week. The governor said that he doesn’t support recreational usage but believes the state should be focused on more pressing matters. Carney also commented on the legalization within the state saying that he is concerned for children’s safety on roadways and in poorer neighborhoods.

The state of Delaware is yet to open any dispensaries, but part of the legislation implements the framework for them to be opened. This framework includes state-led regulations and licensing for retail, cultivation, and manufacturing of cannabis products.

Delaware is one of more than 20 states to legalize cannabis recreationally in the United States. This legalization effort could bring in significant amounts of money that could be used for infrastructure and other state organized programs. The one large problem though is that Delaware does not have any sales tax. This would need to be amended for the state to properly receive funding from the marijuana sales.

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