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Legal Weed Coming to New York by Fall

Regulations were created last month for giving out Cannabis licenses in the state of New York, and that process should come full circle by fall of 2022, according to Cannabis Control Board Chair Tremaine Wright at a public forum on Saturday.

Dispensary license holders will be able to receive loans with interest, not grants or loans without interest.

A max of 200 licenses are expected to be handed out.

“By fall, we should have some products that are ready to be harvested,” said Chris Alexander, Office of Cannabis Management Director. “We’ll have the conditional growers, we’ll have the dispensaries online – some of them, at least – and so we’ll have a full supply chain and an active market.”

This would only be for conditional licenses, meaning licenses for social equity participants. The general licenses aren’t expected to be handed out until the end of the year or early 2023.

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