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New Yorkers Believe Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol In Recent Survey

New Yorkers believe that consuming alcohol is a serious public health issue. When compared to marijuana consumption, many surveyed believe that marijuana is significantly less of a health issue. This survey was done by city and state officials and found that many New Yorkers believe that cannabis use is way safer than alcohol consumption.

According to the survey, 77% of respondents consider alcohol use somewhat or very serious public health concern. Compare this to the 46% who believe the same for cannabis consumption. Many experts believe this shift in views is consistent with the shift in views of cannabis and alcohol throughout the country. More people are switching to marijuana, more states are legalizing, and more people find cannabis as a safe alternative to alcohol.

Along with personal views, the polls found out that many people are consuming cannabis in place of alcohol. Not only alcohol, but people are choosing cannabis rather than certain prescription medications. About one in every five people who took part in “Dry January” this year said they were using cannabis as an alternative. “This data will help the Department know where to best target our efforts and what issues matter most to people living in New York State,” New York Health Commissioner James McDonald said.

In the survey it was also found that many people support marijuana legalization within the state. Around 58% of New Yorkers support “the enactment of the law that’s actively being implemented” 25% opposed the new legalization laws while 15% took a neutral position.

Cannabis dispensaries continue to open around every corner in New York, with the first few opening just months ago. Many more are expected to open by year’s end with 250 licenses being approved for dispensaries last year.

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