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Psychiatrists have had a major shift in their opinions towards Psychedelics

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University have found that over 80% of surveyed psychiatrists believe psychedelics have strong to moderate potential to treat mental health disorders. That’s a huge majority, and also a gigantic uptick from 2016, when a similar survey was conducted.

Back in 2016, 54.2% of psychiatrists surveyed felt that psychedelics should be “illegal to possess or use recreationally/non-medically.” That has dropped to 30.5%.

Even more alarming, 42.4% thought that psychedelic treatment showed promise. That number now stands at 80.9%.

The authors wrote, “Our data reveal a striking positive shift in attitudes toward the therapeutic potential of hallucinogens among American psychiatrists since 2016, with a majority of responding psychiatrists planning to incorporate hallucinogen-assisted therapy into their practice if regulatory approval is granted.”

Psychedelic treatment seems poised to be the major breakthrough in mental health of this decade, and it’ll be intriguing to see the strides in the next few years, when places like Oregon begin to legally administer psychedelic therapy.

Read the original story at Marijuana Moment.

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