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Study finds CBD Effective for Depression and Poor Sleep

A larger study that was funded by Leiutis Pharmaceuticals shows some promising results for those using CBD to treat anxiety, depression, and sleep issues.

“Our findings indicate that administering 300-600 mg of nanodispersible CBD oral solution for 12 weeks is effective in treating mild to moderate anxiety disorders and associated depression and sleep quality disturbances. These findings align with the growing body of evidence indicating that CBD may have anxiolytic effects if administered for a longer duration, ranging from 4 to 12 weeks,” authors of the study wrote.

The key here is the longer gestation period, of about 12 weeks. The amount used started at 300 mg and went up to 600 mg before tapering down to 150. There were no signs of withdrawal during the tapering period.

This can be added to the growing research that shows how CBD can aide with anxiety over time. The field is becoming so robust that we’re learning how effective CBD can even be for dogs. A study came out this year showing a link between daily CBD usage and reductions in stress and anxiety during car travel for dogs.

The key to effective CBD use seems to be persistency. Hopefully more and more research will come out to help solidify this in our cultural consciousness.

Read the original article at Marijuana Moment.

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